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Wall-mounted extractor hood AD996XC

-Decorative (Wall-mount)

Beautifully styled, decorative hoods combines classy feel of glass with the professional look of stainless steel for a powerful and stylish wall mounted hood.

-Peripheral Extraction

Brandt hoods concentrate their extraction in the edges, ensuring suction effectiveness through innovation without increasing noise levels.

-Easy Maintenance

Brandt hoods are easy to maintain with washable stainless steel baffle filter-cassettes and changeable charcoal filters (supplied in recycling mode). Simply cleanse your stainless steel baffle filters regularly in your dishwasher to enjoy your hood at optimal performance!

Wall-mounted extractor hood AD995XC2Stainless Steel


Wall-mounted extractor hood BHV6961BBlack

Brandt BHV6961B Wall mounted Extractor Hood

Wall-mounted extractor hood BHB6902XStainless steel

BHB6902X Brandt Wall mounted extractor hood

Wall-mounted extractor hood BHB6602XStainless steel

BHB6602X Brandt Wall mounted extractor hood

Wall-mounted extractor hood AD1189XStainless steel+glas

wall mounted extractor hood AD1189X

Wall-mounted extractor hood AD1070XStainless steel

wall mounted extractor hood AD1070X

Wall-mounted extractor hood AD1006XStainless steel

wall mounted extractor hood AD1006X
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